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Seek the negative horizon

I am releasing "re-release" works that mainly use historically negative places and monuments to find new gaze.

As a method, we have developed various activities including video, installation, performance, sculpture, making exhibitions with tourism in mind for blind people and deaf people in recent years. From 2016 there is an experimental project "the horizon refuse to deny or confirm" series that sets up the question "What is the gaze of the audience" and continues replaying one exhibition. I am pursuing ways to connect to society by expanding the possibilities of art and theater while changing the method depending on the occasion.

Solo Projects

2020 “Taiwan Dark Tourism Tour” Taipei,Taiwan

2017 ”the horizon  refuse to deny or confirm(Replaying)”Nogata's blank,Tokyo,Japan

2016 “the horizon  refuse to deny or confirm”bear, Other, 2 venues,Yokohama,Japan


Group Exhibition

2017 “The 20th Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art”Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki,Japan

2016 “BOYS LOVE”Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery,Tokyo,Japan

2015 “noisy”Koenji Pocke,Tokyo,Japan

         “Iwaki Town Art Festivalgengenten 2015”,Fukushima,Japan

         “front line”NAONAKAMURA(CollaborationwithGOMESS),Tokyo,Japan

2014 “Characlash!”atelier of CHAOS*LOUNGE,Tokyo,Japan


Solo Performance

2016 “refuse to deny or confirm”Dogashima,Japan



2016 “Japan・language・Rap”Presented by SaturdayGroup♯2nakanoZERO,Tokyo,Japan



2015 comic magazine”# ver.8”


Participating projects

2017 Port B”Tokyo school excursion project-Chinese edition-”,Tokyo,Japan

Artist in Residence

2020 “Arts-in-Residence Taipei”Treasure Hill Artist Village


2017 Nominated for The 20th Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art

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