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Taiwan Dark Tourism Tour (2020)

I investigate dark tourism in Taiwan from the perspective of a single Japanese and work to expand new perspectives.

Based on the survey for about three years, we plan to hold our own dark tourism tour next year. It is also important to discover historical learning from the negative legacy, but that the odd persuasiveness they give us is still alive. I would like to reiterate that the experience is the power to expand a new perspective on reality.

I look at a dictator named Chiang Kai-shek who has emerged from mainland China after Japan's withdrawal from Taiwan in 1945.

In Taiwan, where democratization has progressed rapidly since 1987, he is a symbol of a negative legacy. There were thousands of his statues in Taiwan, but many of them were destroyed from the democratic flow. However,230 statues are gathered in the park near his body (which is not buried and preserved by Embalming).

The creepy and humorous sight suddenly made me blur the end of Taiwan going to the past / present / future. My Taiwan Dark Tourism Survey started from there.

Thinking about the dramaturgy that dismantles, rebuilds, and retells this experience is the cornerstone of the tour, and it is my great future challenge.

Sartre staring all around (2017)

H: 5 5 0 0 W: 3 5 0 0 D: 2 5 0 0
Material: carbonized bent veneer, coral, steel frame, starch paste

A way to get closer to the "gaze" that exists commonly on the two islands of Taiwan and the Yaeyama Islands (Okinawa).
I lived in the locality for one month each before entering the production. Earthquakes and tsunamis encountered there, against typhoons and other disasters
It starts with trying to capture the attitude of life. The right eye of a strabismus man watching the two directions at the same time is a coral ladder
Drawn a scene extruded high in the sky by.
This work is going to repeat movement and transition over a year.

the horizon refuse to deny or confilm (2016)

A single-person exhibition with the inspiration from Kenji Miyazawa's "Porano's Plaza" inspired by Yokohama
Developed based on the setting that there is a lost goat.
The venue is divided into 3 (+1) venues and starts with the audience knocking on the door of the room of one writer in the notified address.
First, you will be informed that there is a lost goat in the room where the device to repeat the voice was set up.
There are two kinds of maps to different venues in the room. I made a state where there was a goat on either side and set up a wire so that each experience would be different depending on the choice of the audience.
This is an attempt to use "absence" and how to create "absence" time.

Outline of another venue
· There is a goat in one side and a chair showing the direction where the other side has a goat.
· The audience who came to the latter venue can go to places with goats.
· You can not go from the former venue to the venue above the mountain (there is no map).
· Other, as a venue only for the last day, we went on a karaoke monitor and walked a goat's walking video that took a walk between different venues.
· However, this only flows during singing (there is no
choice but to continue singing).

refuse to deny or confilm (2016)

Venue: Dogashima of Nishiizu. Time: low tide ~ high tide. Appears for about 2 hours in a road connecting the land and the island that disappears.

· Connecting words of affirmation or negation by turning a record that each sounds "su" "sen" (one of the characteristics of Japanese, the sound that comes to the end of affirmations and the end of the word).

· During that time, Kuroko throws the ball and avoids it while turning either record.- The turtle in the foreground is sampling the voice that the lost child calls the mother and keeps ringing "mar".

· Two Kuroko speaks random subjects and random verbs and makes a story of improvisation.

Structure which can not let the conclusion think so that petals are shredded one at a time and the last one expresses the result.

Der Niemandsgarten (2015)


Start thinking about the existence of the two worlds from the "line" on the crack. Video works considering how the world exists beyond the horizon and the horizon, how to communicate there


In the structure seen in surrealist paintings, the horizon always breaks the screen.

There are three worlds of a near view, a middle view, and a distant view, the real world, that is, the world where you own yourself. Togeno is often drawn far away.

So, I started by thinking about what world is the boundary connecting the two worlds.

First of all, I took a picture with a turtle on a rumba as a way of traveling on the sand that creates the boundaries and not on the way the turtle walks. In the exhibition, I made a clay-made replica imitating the stone statue of the turtle in front of Ichiki Station in Iwaki, and put it on it.

A turtle appears in front of us with a rapper who makes a voice in a sand dune not on the map in Tateyama and a rapper who does not speak at Iwaki's Wakoishi coast. The former finds the stolen turtle and the latter returns to the pond where the turtle was originated

The dream of a turtle is a distant future or a past world.

Taro Urashima and the turtles that appeared in Ende's "peach" were all messengers who moved across the different world and the real world.

Rap of psychic phenomenon and rap in hip hop.

The rap sound as a means of communication with the dead and the words of the person who conveys history and poetry by speech to the illiterate change with time and it is a lap which holds as one language.

Rap has the potential as a means of communicating with the dead or other people.

In other words, these are means to communicate with another world. Based on this discovery, we plan to continue the production in 2016.

Dog Bonsai (2015)


I made dogs who experienced trees and Mt. Fuji a bonsai. Peel the dog's hair and sew once again with the moss green fabric. The dogs are also clamped together with the artificial pine parts on the branch of the driftwood. Two dogs stayed in a bonsai, and bonsai trembles because it moves hands and feet while squealing when switching on. It is also possible to take a walk around the bonsai. Bonsai 's vessels are full of used up batteries.
Tombs that anyone can participate in
In 2014, since I lost one "hometown" called "dog", I first thought about capturing the appearance of "home town".
Therefore, the motif itself "bonsai" is a garden of the garden in the soil, and the place where the dogs themselves return (≒ home town) as the dogs habitually coexist with human beings are outside the house I thought that it was a garden and thought about making a work that multiplied the dog with a bonsai.
However, in the process of actually making this "dog bonsai", I realized that this work is stronger than "hometown" with "grave" character.
The "grave" I want to define here is not a tomb as a general final point but "a grave that anyone can engage."
"A tomb that anyone can engage" is a temporary and ambiguous tomb like a dedicated flower placed under a telephone pole in a traffic accident site, where the fact that someone passed away is important Absent. (That fact can be forged) In other words, it is not the role of the tomb for the dead and the memorial parties (parties), but a third person who saw the tomb said "There was a deceased and a memorial person" to be. The connection between third parties who recognize that there is a tomb will create a "transverse society". With the "tomb", the behavior of the community members and the structure of the city itself changes if it is an extreme case.
"Tomb" makes a community. As a characteristic of dog bonsai, it is a battery-powered robot, so in terms of anyone who can change batteries (= involved in life and death) it is "a grave that everyone can engage."
There is what is called used bonsai. This is a bonsai that an old man who brought up a bonsai died and was left behind. In other words, the existence of this used bonsai itself has a "grave" nature that recalls the deceased owner. The dog bonsai that I made was a remarkable work of this used bonsai's tombstuff by combining "dog (baby girl)" and used bonsai.
Good stealing
About the next problem that I saw earlier that I made "a tomb that anyone can participate in" named dog bonsai.
There is a movie called "Utsushimi" by Sonoko. In the play there is a scene that a heroine girl cries to meet with a man in front of Hachiko, and drags Hachiko as it is, and the men and women who are already meeting are already thrusting to a man who likes them. In other words, by stealing "Hachiko" which is a symbol of "transverse society", it is a scene where you can change all about "transverse society" and participate. This is "good stealing".
"Horizontal society" has already been established, "Good stealing" becomes possible when there is a symbol of Hachiko. In other words, "plagiarism" can not be done in places where "transverse society" itself has not yet been established. "Tombs that anyone can engage" may make "good stealing" possible. I will think about "good stealing" for a while.

Hund,meiner Seelen Wonne (2014)


Video work which made 100 dog toys climb from the sea to Mt. Fuji peak from night to morning
A dog can only sing and act like walking ahead. The use of a dog toy that moves with the switch on / off of the battery change switch is to make it as a fictitious dog that can be reproduced many times without individual differences. Nearly 80 dogs collapsed because we could not walk well on uplifted topography of the sea. Only dogs that can keep on going forward without falling can reach the top of the mountain. Join the bride and chase after the other at the top of the mountain and do the vow kiss and the bouquet. This is a work of going out and wedding ceremony himself because I can not recover where I lost. It is my first experience noticing that it is possible for me to make things impossible in reality in my work, the work which I exhibited for the first time in public. As a nonfiction documentary, I make a kind of "tomb" called living dog rock that coalesces Fuji stone and dog used in shooting.
My house is my father / mother / my 3 family. There was a dog there three years ago.
For me who have dual acting parents it is a dog that will welcome you when you come home. Only three dogs were waiting for us at home while living in disagreed time with all three family members.
"Since there are dogs, let's go home." It is a place I want to return home with a dog for me. It was a kind of hometown and I came to have the recognition of Mother Hometown.
Such a dog has gone.
This film work was taken in the first anniversary of the dog. In the beginning, I lost my hometown of a dog, I got an identity crash and the smell of a gradually fading dog crawled around the stained carpet every night to crawl. How can I return to my hometown for a dog again? It was only a means to make it a work.
A custom called "marriage after death" remains in the Tohoku district.
A person who died unmarried will be dedicated by an imaginary bride / relatives who wrote a wedding with the bridegroom by relatives. This votive picture is drawn by a professional painter, but sometimes it is drawn by the hand of the relative. Therefore, I decided to turn the camera around the story of a dead dog and my postmortem marriage that is unable to realize "marriage" with reality that is also heterosexual and homosexual.
The shooting place is Jukai and Mt. Fuji. Three families cooperated in shooting in the sea. I think that it was only by having a common sorrow that loses dogs that three family members were able to go to one goal.
An empty battery-powered dog toy is a vessel with a single dog's soul as a spirit of the dog I seek. Dogs who can only move forward and raise their voices, as soon as they turn on the switch, more than half of them are caught in the topography of the tree and collapse. Only one dog can reach the summit. If only the person who reached the summit can feel the crater can be a huge ovum, the dogs just have to aim for the summit just like sperm. Then the bride who wore a prom dress will chase. They reunite at the summit.
In the world where the same time flows again, the wish that I want to keep close together without leaving led this story.
The title "Hund, meiner Seelen Wonne" translates directly in German (dog, my soul's pleasure). This was originally the name of the song which is often used in the wedding "Jesu, meiner Seelen Wonne" (the pleasure of our soul).

married (2014)

On the next day after the rain, I saw the appearance of earthworms on Alfalut as far as to say. I was wondering why I came to the surface every time, I wish I were inside the earth. However, as we look it up, the earthworms say they will not drown in the ground flooded state, or they will come out to the surface in search of water. I do not know which is correct, but in any case, the earthworms climb the strata to escape "death".

If 6 Was 9 (2014)


This is the analogy of "a cow flying in the sky" and it is also a secret word of Sex Nine of SEX.
They are Japanese and Korean, and they are couple of the same sex. It is a symbolic existence that is still enclosed in minority in the world. The myriad of banknotes scattered under them means the position in the world where we live, the relationship of power, the things of value, the symbol "strong force" = money, which is located directly opposite to them. And when they "weak power" people "love" on money with "strong power", it became a moment when it changed from worthful things to no things. The power continues to change, what is the beauty of "love" of the figure that does not change in it?
I found something unchanged in the relationship between what does not change and what changes. A work that tried to capture the figure of this unchanged "love".

arabesque (2013)


· Infinite patterns spread beyond the visible material world in Islamic art
· It is mathematically accurate, aest
hetically pleasing, and symbolic
· To illustrate the truthful perfection of God's creation, which has been obscured by human sin (= expressing the order and unity behind nature)
· Songs with decorative, fantastic content
· The most beautiful pose of classical ballet
2013 10/15, the night when the greatest typhoon of this century hit Japan.
A 20 - year - old woman is standing straight ahead wearing a school swimming suit. That where she is standing was her spiritual world. Leaves and wood branches that have been stormed by raging rain and wind, rain grains that rush up as bitten by asphalt. Beethoven's symphony No. 7 second movement flows in this space she will take a deep breath and then start posing towards the wind.
There was a strong emergence of the presence of "beauty" rooted in this raging world. A way of consciousness of existence called "beauty" with an absolutely unaffected axis, it expresses her way of life. After keeping posing for a while, her face turned to me.
At that time I realized that she was myself. For me, what is rooted in the foundation of beauty is it, that is, arabesque.
Knowing the world of ballet at the age of 5,
I am still living in that world until 14 years old I continue to have "the feeling of wanting to dance", the gap between my body gradually declining gradually, the crime to the fact that I quit once more I became 20 years old while being captured by various kinds of thoughts such as consciousness.
The Arabesque for the first time in 6 years, like the one at the time, the legs are rising high, not being thin and supple legs, but I think that I saw the most beautiful arabesque I have ever seen. I will never return to the world of dancing ahead, but I would be happy if I glim the world from another perspective. This was my first contemporary art work.

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